Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Journal 52: Week 1

Journal 52: Week 1
 I signed up for a group called, 'Journal 52' on Facebook.  Each week members are given a prompt whereas they create a mixed media page for their art journal. The prompt for week one is 'Pathways.'  Here are a few pictures of my completed page.  Visit the Facebook group to see other pages made by some wonderful artists.


Meet Biscuit and Cubby

Here are two characters that I am currently working on.......meet Biscuit and Cubby.


Meet Joy

Here are pictures of the 8-inch art doll ornament angel I created named Joy!

2014 CDA 4Q Prim Doll Studio Challenge

For the fourth quarter challenge I designed a snowman pattern for the No Picture/No Instructions Snowman Challenge. Members were asked to create their own snowman using the pattern.

Here is the free Snowman pattern I designed in 2011 that I used for this challenge

This is the snowman I created for this challenge, complete with a top hat, scarf and red mittens.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Dolls and Pins

I wanted to share a few of my Christmas dolls and pins I have made.


Halloween Party Art Doll Ornaments

Here is a collage of the Halloween Party Art Doll Ornaments